Ben MacShane for Alderman
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Moving Frederick Forward

Progressive Vision.

Business Leadership.

I'm proud to be running this year as a Democratic candidate for the Frederick Board of Aldermen. As a new father and small business owner who believes in the future of Frederick, I will be your progressive voice in local government to expand economic opportunities, deliver quality city services, and build a more connected community.


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Intentional Growth

We live in a growing and dynamic city. The next decade will bring challenges, but also great opportunities for smart growth. With some forward-thinking vision and intentional development, we can continue to attract investment and encourage small businesses so that our families can live and work right here in Frederick. Our beautiful historic district is an unbelievable economic and cultural asset. Our city government must strengthen its commitment to cleaning up blighted properties and expanding our vibrant downtown.

Building a More Connected Community

As Frederick expands, we must ensure that that our city grows closer together, not farther apart. Frederick has a wonderful small-town feeling; we need to lay the groundwork so that as new families settle here, they feel welcomed into our community. Economic growth loses its value if neighborhoods or communities feel left behind. Development hasn’t been planned correctly if new areas feel disconnected or isolated. By investing in infrastructure, transportation, and social services that reach all parts of our city, we can ensure that the next generation enjoys the same welcoming and exciting city that we have today.

Opioid Addiction and Recovery

We also face some serious challenges. As the father of a young daughter, I know that we can’t afford to ignore our region's expanding opioid addiction problem. This is part of a nationwide epidemic, but we can’t wait for solutions to arrive from somewhere else: we need to strengthen and expand local solutions. Every year, addiction is affecting more families. Confronting it requires an integrated community response, coordinating efforts by law enforcement, health and social services, and the community itself. We need to expand our prevention and outreach initiatives, make treatment as accessible and available as possible, and implement harm reduction programs to keep from losing any more of our relatives and neighbors before they can find recovery.