Ben MacShane for Alderman

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I need your support.

It's going to take money to get our progressive message out to all corners of the city. Historically, our local elections have had very low voter turnout and involvement, especially in areas outside of the Historic District. We are raising funds to implement a campaign plan that reaches all neighborhoods and drives election day turnout.

Get involved in the campaign.

Frederick is an amazing city full of strong communities and a deep history, and we can make it even better. Our city can become the economic and social justice leader of Western and Central Maryland, demonstrating how prosperous and closely connected a community can become when we lead with progressive values.

I need your help to get our message out to all the residents of Frederick City. We'll be canvassing door to door, explaining our progressive vision at events, and planning with supporters to host house parties.

Please contact me to discuss ways to volunteer with our campaign. 




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